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Foto von Ivica Ilic
Name: Ivica Ilic
Unternehmen: Mnemo Academy
Sitz: A - 1010 Wien Karte
Gebiet: NLP, Speed Reading, Mnemotechnik, Hypnose

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Art der Seminare:
English NLP Basic

Beschreibung des Angebots:
With the help of NLP goals are reached, existing resources are used to achieve success and well-being, and, personal senses as well as flexibility are enhanced.


strengthening of self-awareness through anchoring techniques
defining, setting and achievement of Goals
body language as key competence
the power of voice and using it mindfully
recognizing and changing speech Patterns
initiating and steering group processes
remaining calm in any situation
inducing positive emotional states
releasing stress, anxieties and compulsions.