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Foto von Anja Oser
Name: Anja Oser
Unternehmen: PARLA
Sitz: D - 69117 Heidelberg Karte
Gebiet: Stimm- und Sprechtraining, Rhetorische Kommunikation, Führungskommunikation, Arbeitsorganisation, Führungskräftetraining

Successful presentations - Perform well and win


Every presentation can only be as good as its presenter. Presentations are the leading instrument to sell products or services and to give an idea of your concept or results to your listeners. Only if you manage to not merely make the decision makers curious but win their hearts and minds, too, will you be able to move forward with your ideas.

What is most important is to be well prepared. And that is exactly where our seminar comes into play. Here you receive the tools for effective preparation, step by step, including mental and physical preparation.



You want to perform in such a way that your audience is captivated right from the start? You want to reach your listeners in such a way that they will act how you want them to?

Here you reflect on your way of presenting and your personal presentation skills. You will learn how to use your potential effectively and how to increase your skills sustainably. While practising presenting in English, you will feel more self-confident and you will experience more joy during your presentations.



1st day:

-  “In you must burn what you want to ignite in others” – Win people from the beginning

-  Factors which determine a person’s impression – What counts at which moment and how you can work on the impression you make

-  Presenter’s power of persuasion: Attitude, body language, voice and articulation

-  Express to impress – Create a dramaturgic guideline and build up empathy

-  Pausing is the name of the game – increasing your impact using downtalk

-  How to prepare a presentation effectively: Situation analysis, setting up a presentation, openings and closures, preparatory steps

-  A convincing structure – How you lead your audience to action


2nd day:

-  How to deal with nerves – Breathing, moving, mental training for relaxation under pressure

-  The power of language – To find the right word at the right moment, using positive, direct and clear wording

-  How to visualize the contents in a proper way and how to deal with media such as projectors, flipcharts or whiteboards



A major factor is video training: video analyses with constructive feedback on your presentation in English, live exercises with intensive individual feedback, impulses from the trainer, plenary preparation, discussion, practical exercises, individual work and teamwork; contract with yourself, transfer.


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