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Foto von Taskin Köksalan
Name: Taskin Köksalan
Unternehmen: NLP Academy Turkey
Sitz: - 06540 Ankara Karte
Gebiet: Çankaya


NLP Master Trainer, IN
Coach Master Trainer, ICI
NLP Lehrtrainer, DVNLP

Über mich:

I study phylology and psycholinguistic. I am founder of NLP Academy Turkey. I enjoy holding seminars, especially focussing on communication, self esteem and personal growth with NLP. In the last 15 years I have given over 2.500 days of training and I had the priviledge of getting to know and supporting people of all ages, throughout all ranks, with all different kinds of challenges.
All sorts of people participate in my seminars and attend my lectures: managers, sales representatives, students, moderators, computer scientists, professors, doctors, mothers, boards of directors, traditional healers and many more...